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H9 PT-19 80" BNF

This H9 PT-19 is BNF as it includes a CRRC 26cc engine and a Spektrum compatable receiver.  All servos are included along with a 4200ma 6.0 NiMi battery and a BEC which allows you to run the receiver and engine off the same battery and to kill the engine with an open channel. 

I will not ship but I will deliver to anywhere in the CONUS for .25 a mile.  This plane will  be at our field on 10/20/18 for the Octoberfest Fun Fly. 

Note:  It also comes with a gas can, start up hold down device, and a Miller Persuader starter.  That's a $300 value for free!  Grab it before I change my mind. 

Ken 267-474-3575


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K Karpinski
1.5 years ago

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H9 PT-19 80" BNF (Item 9149)
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